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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dusty's Comedy Club Presents...Way Back Wednesday - The Kings Of Comedy

11\22\06  "Dusty's Comedy Club Present's.... WayBack Wednesday - Kings Of Comedy!"

Okay...Since I am now like Phuck youtube and decided that I will do my own clips and load them to yahoo video! Might as well since most of this stuff I do for you my dear readers...HA! I encoded and uploaded them myself quality is not as good as I like but they are full clips...Well as full as I could get and still look and sound like something...Not too mention you loose a lot when it goes over the internet...I think they came out very good, in synch and er'ythang! Anyway...This is late so I had to adjust the title and this might be it until after Thanksgiving...I doubt it but at least you guy's can catch your breaths and get caught up...LOL! ANYwho.....

Kings of Comedy - Cedric The Entertainer

Kings of Comedy - Steve Harvey

Kings Of Comedy - Bernie Mac- Part 1

Kings Of Comedy - Bernie Mac- Part 2

Awwww Yeah! Send you kids to Bernie Mac's School...Chop em in the throat!

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