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Monday, July 18, 2011

Manic Monday's - The Good Old Days!

Try as I might I cannot remember "The Good Old Days" that everyone keeps talking about. I scour the Internet and read history books but these "Good Old Days" seem very elusive to me. There was the Ice Ages, The Dark Ages, The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Revolutionary War, Slavery (which is still in effect today just that includes all peoples), Civil War, Lincoln Assassinated, The Slaughter of the American Indian, The Rise of Organized Crime, Suffrage, Prohibition, The Great Depression, The Rise Of Hitler, World War 1 & 2, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, The Korean War, Vietnam, The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Cold War, The Assassinations of the 60's (The Kennedy Brothers John & Robert, MLK, Malcolm X), The 6 Day War, Palestine, The Oil Embargo, Gas Lines, Watergate, Nixon Impeachment, Ayatollah Khomeini, The Iran Hostage Crisis, The Iraq-Iran War, Iran Contra, Aids, The Rise of the Colombian Drug Cartels, Crack, Bush 1, Desert Storm, NAFTA, Bosnia, Kosovo, Bush 2, Large Tax Cuts For The Top 2% Of Americans, The Rise Of The Neocons, Enron, 911, US Attacks Afghanistan, US Attacks Iraq, Abu Gharib, Bush 2 the Sequel, Katrina, The Bailouts (Bear Stearns-$30 billion, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac-$400 billion, AIG-$180 billion, General Motors-$25 billion, TARP-$700 billion, Citigroup-$280 billion), Obama Elected, Afghanistan Troop Surge and most recently Rupert Murdoch and The Spying and Hacking Scandal. But no "Good Old Days". Yet we keep reminiscing about times that we the people never had. The rich and elite may recall "The Good Old Days" but damn if I can.

There are thousands more of these incidents that supposedly make up the "Good Old Days" and a lot of them are little things that seem harmless on the surface but they are deliberate and calculating steps to force certain outcomes. Random chance has all but been taken out of the equation. As far as the Murdoch debacle people have forgotten that they are being spied on, hacked, financially ruined and pissed on everyday by their own government and we will come to find out that the only crime the moneyed elitist Murdoch will be guilty of is getting caught. I hope you guy's didn't think that once Obama took office or rather it was given to him that spying on Americans stopped or torture ceased, that the wars were going to stop and all the troops would come home and Guantanamo Bay was going to close or any of the other thousands of promises he made on the campaign trail were going to see the light of day. We wanted Universal Healthcare not health insurance. We were promised and end to the wars, we got an escalation. We voted for change and we got more of the same in triplicate. There might have been good old moments, brief snippets in our personal lives but nothing in history past or recent that indicate there were "Good Old Days" for the majority.

If you really think about what all of those events really have in common you should be able to see that there is no such thing as democracy never was especially when a few control the many. It always affects first the poor who have been trained to expect the worse, the common working man and the almost non existent middle class who really doesn't realize or want to admit it to themselves that for every one step forward they are getting pushed back 3. The Christian Right or working class conservatives, the "1% wannabes" as I call them who are either to stupid to realize or have brainwashed themselves into believing that they are going to let you in their really really exclusive club. You are being used and then abused and ridiculed after you have played your part, well I might add. Then there are the real nutjobs like the "Teabaggers" that are always voting and screaming against the very social programs that they themselves use and have benefited from, like public education which has declined so much over the past 30 years its no wonder that they cannot understand that they are playing themselves. The disability they claim that there parents claim, the social security they might be claiming. Most of if not all the programs that FDR put into place. Thinking that they are entitled to it and everyone else is just leaching off of it. You are not entitled to a damn thing because you claim to be of a certain political color or set.

Here's a bit of irony about that situation too. We shake our heads in disgust about thugs in California and elsewhere nowadays killing themselves and each other over red and blue yet our country is fiercely divided, very unevenly I might add, along those same lines. Mainly throughout the South and the Midwest where you have a lot of poor to working class, Christian, slightly less educated people than their East and West Coast counterparts. We all know deep down inside that they are both just different sides of the same coin yet we rationalize it by saying it's the lesser of two evils, which will never change the fact that it is still evil nonetheless! If we really think about it we should be able to realize that over the past 20 years we have seen the greatest inequitable transfer of wealth never before seen in the history of mankind. Well over 16 Trillion dollars and counting. What did we the people receive? Yeah that's right about $600 dollars. If we really think about it we will realize that we are always reminiscing about a time that never occurred and will never occur unless we wake up, stop fighting amongst ourselves and recognize who the real enemy is. If you really think about it you will realize that religion, nationality, cultural differences, homophobia, racism (which is not even real because we are all of the same race - Human), sexism, nepotism and all the rest of the -ism's are all tools they use to keep us distracted from the rampant "class-ism" that like racism pits one small group of people (the rich and privileged) against a much greater group of people (the rest of us) who accept their lot in life because the rich and elite have used their tools really well to train the masses. Religion and the bible teach people to “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”. It teaches people to wait for their rewards in the afterlife and heaven while the rich and privileged live heaven on earth.

If we really think about it we will realize we have made ourselves slaves to a few. The Good Old Days of the Feudal system retrofitted for the modern age. Sharecropping for the Corporations that now enjoy more benefits and freedoms than the majority of human beings. If we really pondered our situation we would realize we pay them to let us work for them in the form of income taxes. I do all of the work and someone takes a few percentage points off the top without providing any labor. I could understand if someone from the government came to the workplace and told me to take it easy for a few hours while they helped knock out the workload. If we really really pondered our situation we would realize especially you "1% wannabes" and you loud ignorant ass teabaggers that the very same corporations that are supposed to pay the taxes are enjoying the best and biggest social program of all time and that is corporate welfare. If we really tried to ponder our situation we would realize that the only tax I should be paying are on the items I consume or purchase. Maybe that would be a example of the "Good Old Days". The days before the Federal Reserve, Fractional Banking and Americans paying taxes to bankers to offset the cost of them printing our currency and charging us interest for the privilege of doing this. Yeah those were the days!

"My old man worked twenty years on the line, and they let him go.
Now everywhere he goes out looking for work, they just tell him that he's too old.
I was nine years old and he was working at the Metuchen Ford plant assembly line,
Now he just sits down on a stool down at the Legion Hall,
But I can tell what's on his mind.

Glory Days,
Yeah go on back,
Glory days,
Ah he ain't never had
Glory days." -Bruce Springsteen

Wished I Missed Them Good Old Days

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