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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bailout Or Big Scam?!

I just got this in my email box and I thought I would share...

Dear Citizens of America,

My name is Barack Osama Saddam bin Bush Bandarr I am a Prince from the small sovereign nation of Kenyatta, and I am writing you this letter to inform you of our perilous plight and how you can help. My country is on the brink of an economic depression, with massive unemployment and layoffs. The banks are failing, our other financial institutions are also failing but sometimes it is hard to tell when you hear about them taking lavish retreats and still paying CEO 20x that of salaried employees. Our auto industry is falling apart and failing because our big 3 automakers want to build big gas guzzling trucks and Hummers instead of cars that are fuel efficient as well as friendly to the environment, or change their outdated business model to something that works. Still our country is in trouble and that is where you come in dear friends.

My country of Kenyatta needs you to send 700 billion plus and extra 100 billion for incidentals immediately, no questions asked to our front man here in Kenyatta, Paulson Henry. He will disburse the monies as he see's fit and our wonderful homeland will be saved. It is my understanding that the first $350 billion have already been stole...errr steered to the right people and the relief effects have been immediate even though you cannot see it or feel it for that matter as the relief was not intended for you. However, gas prices are the lowest in 4 years. So thank you in advance people of America, may your country never have to face what ours is currently facing.

Now for real if you got this email in your in box would you immediately throw your money at them or toss this sucker in the trash?! Yeah me too but how come when OUR government tries the same scam We the People fall for it hook, line and stinker?!

Again we have been scared, beaten over the head and burnt out of $800 billion dollars. This is got to be the second or third greatest robbery of the American people since the gold confiscation in the 1930's. The looting of Fort Knox is still number one in my book, but that is another blog for another day.

Should we bail out the Big 3 Automakers?!? If we don't we lose more jobs in a trickle down spiral sort of way because the automakers also help the parts makers, parts suppliers and a host of other folks down the line who will be affected, or should we let the market correct itself. If we do bail them out, like we did before, think Chrysler and how they continued to cow-tow to big oil and squash innovation and bury patents, we will be right back here in another few years bailing them out again. I bet their basement vaults are full of great designs of really innovative cars and the like. GM killed the electric car! It is a tough one but you make the call...My personal feelings are thus...Since I am a big free market type of guy ha! I say fuck em all and let chapter 11 sort em out!

* this is just a story to make a point. none of the aforementioned people are supposed to resemble any person, place but any resemblance is purely supposed to be that way.

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