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Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Weekly (C)Wrap-Up - Suspending His Brain!"

Well if it is Friday then it is definitely time for the Weekly (C)Wrap-Up and we have had a doosey of a week! So the big news that has been leading all of the headlines this week is the government bailout bullshit. You know where they privatize the profits and socialize the losses, and we come to find out that this is nothing but a money grab, mafia style protection scheme, more corporate welfare, extortion and __________ (insert your bogus pyramid scheme here). They just pull some bogus number out of the air and have absolutely no plan, just a shit load of money and asking everyone to "trust them"! Yeah that train left the station in 2000!

The impact of this financial crisis and the bailout is touching everyone and effecting everything but let's not get crazy. First off mcSimpson wants to cancel the debates. sounds like the same move he tried when Hurricane ike was heading for Texas, this was a poorly advised campaign stunt that backfired. Let's not forget for one second that McLame is a big part of the problem and now he thinks he can fix the problems he caused when he was starring in his role as "The Dereugulator"! From Thinkprogress:

McCain: I’m glad I deregulated Wall Street.

In the wake of last week’s financial meltdown, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been calling for more regulation and criticizing lax oversight of Wall Street, despite the fact that he and former senator Phil Gramm passed much of the deregulatory reforms that led to the current crisis. Interviewed on CBS today, however, McCain said he does not “regret” championing the deregulation of Wall Street:

Q: In 1999, you were one of the senators who helped pass deregulation of Wall Street. Do you regret that now?

McCAIN: No. I think the deregulation was probably helpful to the growth of our economy.

Watch it:

Do these people understand that they are being recorded?! I understand McInsane is old and out of touch with this new highfalutin technology but damn...

Barney Franks had the best line of the week when he said:

Senator McCain has said he had to interrupt his campaign and couldn’t do a debate because he had to come here to help us. God save us from such help. But in any case, there is no sign whatsoever that Senator McCain’s got any real role here, so he certainly ought to feel free to go back and debate. (from Crooks & Liars) Watch it:

Let's also stop all of this madness about McPOW suspending his campaign too because he has been doing interviews, raising money and giving stump speeches all over the country. His minions have been attacking Obama non-stop! It looks like he is running scared and that is what Letterman bashed him about the other night and I think it stuck and he realized that if he didn't show for the debate that somehow he would seem afraid! I mean he is afraid especially if they talk a lot about the economy or any other relevant issue for that matter.

Here is how McLame's plan is supposed to work...He has his man Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) hold up the process on some silly technicality, McStupid comes in and makes some minor adjustment or conceedes a minor point to the Demo-rats the proposal goes through and Mcselfish takes all the credit for brokering the deal like his campaign guy Tucker "His Insanity Knows No" Bounds tried to do yesterday. I guess he got his talking points late. Like that TV commercial where the boss sent a message to the guy not too mention the merger and he got the message too late. yeah it's like that!

Now before someone say's I am just bashing McCrazy, his own party member Huckleberry Huckabee said this...From Thinkprogress:

Huckabee calls McCain’s debate ploy a ‘huge mistake.’

huckmccain.jpgIn Mobile, Alabama last night, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee called Sen. John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign and possibly skip tonight’s debate a “huge mistake.” Saying that he “still backs McCain’s candidacy,” Huckabee said McCain shouldn’t have paused the campaign because a president has to “deal with the unexpected”:

Huckabee said he still backs McCain’s candidacy, but said the Arizona senator should not have put his campaign on hold to deal with the financial crisis on Wall Street. He said a president must be prepared to “deal with the unexpected.”

“You can’t just say, ‘World stop for a moment. I’m going to cancel everything,”‘ Huckabee said.

I am still amazed that McBush got the nomination in the first place. How the hell did that happen?! You can see the Alzheimer's setting in as this election get's closer and we still have some bobble heads claiming they are going to vote for McHalfdead and more of the same madness of the past 8 years...UNBELIEVABLE!

Moving on but not away from this financial crisis fallout...Now this is not a stretch to believe at all. From Thinkprogress:

Bush’s former Treasury Secretary: ‘I don’t think Bush understands’ the financial crisis.

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill said President Bush is “in a panic” over the financial crisis and isn’t well-equipped to deal with it. “I don’t think he understands or knows much about any of this and it shows,” O’Neill told ABC News. In his 2004 book, The Price of Loyalty, O’Neill revealed that Dick Cheney argued in a White House meeting that “deficits don’t matter.” O’Neill also said that he was disturbed that Bush was so disengaged on domestic issues.

Really?! This just came to you now...after all these years?! The rethugs have been propping this economy up on smokescreens and mirrors for the past 6 years and now the smoke is dissipating and the mirrors are starting to show big ass cracks. Jon Stewart over at The Daily Show breaks down the shrub's speech on the economy and it is surprisingly familiar...

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid!

While we are hearing a lot about the big major firms slipping and sliding around but seldom do we hear about all the little lesser known banks and corporations that are dropping like flies on a state by state level...There has been a lot of volatility in local markets also caused by this meltdown. From Thinkprogress:

Yesterday, the federal government seized troubled lender Washington Mutual and then “brokered an emergency sale” of the bank to JPMorgan Chase for $1.9 billion. Washington Mutual’s collapse represented the “largest bank failure in American history,” and “JPMorgan Chase will absorb at least $31 billion in losses that would normally have fallen to the F.D.I.C.”

Hmmmmmm, here we go again. the last time JP Morgan was buying up all the financially troubled banks it was the 1920's and the Great Depression was about to go into full swing mode for almost 30 years. Can you say repeating history?! Here is that gangster posturing again, "Forgetaboutit! If someone don't come off with that cash you know the result could come in the form of a mushroom pizza pie!" I'm just saying...From TP:

If money isn’t loosened up, this sucker could go down,” said President Bush at a White House meeting yesterday “as he watched the $700 billion bailout package fall apart before his eyes.” In a statement outside the White House this morning, Bush attempted to project confidence in an eventual deal, saying, “There is no disagreement that something substantial must be done.”

Really! Hollywood can't come up with better scripts or they would sell them to NBC. Now CBS on the other hand got it going on with their big time female anchor Katie Couric landing the interview of the century with the most elusive politician since Dick "Trickshot" Cheney, Sarah "The Iditabroad" Palin. Now I am not saying that Katie has shown a lot of right wing bias and a flair for rethuglican fuckery, although it is documented that she has, but I think even Katie was a little disappointed and disgusted with her interview with the VP wannabe Caribou Barbie...Check out the two clips...

Katie Couric - Palin Interview - Clip 1

Katie Couric - Palin Interview - Clip 2

“She’s not always responsive when she’s asked questions,” Couric said of Palin. “It was a really interesting experience for me to interview her yesterday,” she added. (Translated: What a complete waste of my time)! The Stupid must really hurt sometimes! I wonder if she has any trade agreements with Santa Claus, like she has with Russia?! From Thinkprogress:

Although Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) “has made a crackdown on gift-giving to state officials a centerpiece of her ethics reform agenda,” she has accepted 41 gifts “valued at $25,367 from industry executives, municipalities and a cultural center whose board includes officials” from large mining interests. These gifts include free travel, expensive artwork, and “a gold-nugget pin valued at $1,200.”

Yeah a real reformer like McKeating 5!

Okay time for the
Asshole of the Week and we have a couple of folks in the running this week and of course the competition is fierce...We got an old favorite in the race this week and that is Trudy Giuliani...


Trudy makes the list for doing what he does best exploiting a bad situation to enrich himself once again. This time it's the financial crisis and getting some of that $700 billion bailout money...

Giuliani sets up firm ‘to cash in on Wall Street’s train wreck,’ then joins McCain for tonight’s debate.

giuliani-mccain1.jpgRudy Giuliani flew to Memphis this afternoon with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), on the way to tonight’s presidential debate. Giuliani “is positioning his law firm to cash in on Wall Street’s train wreck,” according to the New York Daily News. The former mayor announced yesterday that his firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, would set up a task force “to help corporate clients get a piece of the action — or keep federal wolves from the door,” as the Daily News put it.

Up next and there is no lack of viable candidates in this campaign is this Eugenics (the bad kind) idiot advocate...From Thinkprogress:

Lousiana Lawmaker Faults Media For Focusing Attention On His Eugenics Proposal

Louisiana State Rep. John LaBruzzo (R) recently stirred controversy by advocating a form of eugenics to decrease the number of poor. “I realized that all these people were in Louisiana’s care and what a massive financial responsibility that is to the state,” he said. “I said, ‘I wonder if it might be a good idea to pay some of these people to get sterilized.’” His plan would also give tax incentives to the rich to encourage procreation.

Appearing on CNN today, LaBruzzo defended his proposal by arguing that “the taxpayers of America are kind of getting fed up” with supporting welfare programs. He cited the “totally reliant” residents who relied on government evacuations during Hurricane Katrina. When CNN’s Kyra Phillips asked why he couldn’t invest in education and poverty-reduction programs, LaBruzzo faulted the media for focusing too much attention on his eugenics program:

Every one of the ideas you brought up were talked about in the brainstorming session. Obviously the media thought this was the one they could get some ratings out of. We talked about getting involved in the community. … We talked about a lot of those issues. This is one that the media grabbed hold of because it gets ratings.

He also blamed the “tremendous influx of illegal aliens” for “bringing down the economy even more.” MORE!

I think I got my guy...But like I said this isn't over by a long shot and the hit's just keep coming with these idiots...I have to give a shout out to Rachel Maddow who is also on top of that idiot LaBruzzo and if you don't watch her new show you are missing out...From Crooks and Liars:

The Rachel Maddow Show: Rep. John LaBruzzo (LA) Wants To Sterilize Low Income Women

video_wmv Download | video_mov Download | (h/t Heather)

You know, it would really be much easier to not go all Godwin on the Republicans if they wouldn’t just open themselves up for such blatant charges of being Nazis. The thing that never ceases to astonish me is how little they attempt to hide it. ABC News:

That heartbreaking scenario (of people displaced after natural disasters like Hurricane Gustav) inspired Louisiana Republican State Rep. John LaBruzzo to start thinking about ways to stem generational welfare, in which many welfare recipients have children who also end up dependent on government assistance, according to the representative.

His idea — giving $1,000 to poor women to undergo reproductive sterilization by Fallopian tube ligation — is stirring up controversy among some medical professionals, who say that the proposal is offensive and smacks of long-discredited eugenics programs.

LaBruzzo has also suggested other controversial ideas: paying poor men to get vasectomies and giving tax incentives for college-educated wealthy couples to have more children.

LaBruzzo doesn’t know why it would be considered eugenics if it’s voluntary or racist if most welfare recipients are white. I don’t know why this guy has a job representing the people of Louisiana.

This is what happens when we let stupid people get into political offices.

The third person to apply for the AOW Title this week is...The Maverick himself John McLiar himself...from Crooks:

John McCain is headed to Ole Miss finally, wins the debate before it even begins!

Or, more accurately, before he even announced he was definitely going to attend. Click the image for a full screenshot of the Wall Street Journal source page.

Although the fate of tonight’s presidential debate in Mississippi remains very much up in the air, John McCain has apparently already won it — if you believe an Internet ad an astute reader spotted next to this piece in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal this morning.

Shades of ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ if you ask me.

McCain is getting pummeled for his stunt by former members of his own establishment. MORE!

Then of course there is more McSame lying ..From The Jed Report:

Since I already know that Grampa McSimpson is a delusional, pre-Alzheimer, pathological liar, I am going to still have to cast my vote for La Bruzzo! However, we do have a late entry in the running this week and it is always such a joy watching hypocrites like this bite the dust especially when there are kids involved...From CNN:


Evangelist arrested in child porn case

(CNN) -- Evangelist Tony Alamo was arrested Thursday in Flagstaff, Arizona, on charges related to a child porn investigation, an FBI spokesman said.

The 74-year-old founder and leader of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries was arrested without incident at 2:45 p.m. (4:45 p.m. ET) as he was departing the Little America Hotel with his wife, said Manuel Johnson, spokesman for the FBI in Phoenix, Arizona.

The FBI, the Flagstaff Police Department and the Arizona Department of Public Safety were involved in the arrest, he said.

Alamo was charged under a federal statute with having knowingly transported a minor across state lines with the intent to engage in sexual activity, Johnson said.

Alamo, whose real name is Bernie Hoffman, was taken to Coconino County Jail in Flagstaff, where he is to have an initial appearance Friday in federal magistrate court, Johnson said.

Over the weekend, about 100 federal and state agents authorities raided Alamo's 15-acre compound near Texarkana, Arkansas, and took six children into temporary custody. MORE!

This guy is a real predator that thinks puberty should be the age of consent...These are also the type of people out front leading the debates, setting policy and generally making a mockery of the process by doing shit like this...

So this is starting to get a little long and I am getting a headache digging around the net pointing out the mess and it is Friday so I am going to end this little post with this email I keep getting in my inbox...I thought all of these type emails have been proven hoaxes and no one falls for them anymore except this one...

Dear American:

I need to ask you to support an urgent secret business relationship with a transfer of funds of great magnitude.

I am Ministry of the Treasury of the Republic of America. My country has had crisis that has caused the need for large transfer of funds of 800 billion dollars US. If you would assist me in this transfer, it would be most profitable to you.

I am working with Mr. Phil Gram, lobbyist for UBS, who will be my replacement as Ministry of the Treasury in January. As a Senator, you may know him as the leader of the American banking deregulation movement in the 1990s. This transactin is 100% safe.

This is a matter of great urgency. We need a blank check. We need the funds as quickly as possible. We cannot directly transfer these funds in the names of our close friends because we are constantly under surveillance. My family lawyer advised me that I should look for a reliable and trustworthy person who will act as a next of kin so the funds can be transferred.

Please reply with all of your bank account, IRA and college fund account numbers and those of your children and grandchildren to wallstreetbailout@treasury.gov so that we may transfer your commission for this transaction. After I receive that information, I will respond with detailed information about safeguards that will be used to protect the funds.

Yours Faithfully Minister of Treasury Paulson

Don't fall for it people it is just another big scam being perpetuated on the American populace to again enhance the rich at the taxpayers expense..."Privatize the profits, socialize the losses"!

As usual with these post's tell me what I missed, got wrong or you need clarity on and have a great weekend in spite of them...

Insolvently Yours
The New Defenders Of the Great Debate

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