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Monday, September 15, 2008

"Manic Monday's - What Good?!"

So I get into this discussion over at my mans Multiply site right? I was giving the rethugs a good thrashing when a young lady complained about me ranting and how she couldn't have a discussion because I couldn't see ...wait let me get the exact quote...

"I can't have a discussion with someone who believes that one party is all bad, because it is simply not true. If you cannot see, nor can you accept, any of the positive things that Republicans have brought to this nation, then there is no reason in discussing anything with you."

Now the first thing that popped into my mind is the only thing that the rethugs have brought to this nation is crime, corruption, lies, deceit, wars for profit, mass murder, lies, scandals, huge deficits, poor economy, high unemployment, lies, the housing crisis, the credit crisis, Katrina, more lies, war with Iran, The Occupation of Iraqnam, 911, Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Ted Stevens, Bob Ney, Vitter, Larry Craig, Mann Coulter-giest, The Patriot Act, the Neo-Clowns, Limbaugh, Bill Oh' Really, Cheney, Abramoff, Sarah Palin as McSimpson's running mate, while we are at it McSimpson himself and getting the nomination with his old broken, lying, bullshit express ass and I could go on for hours (see a more detailed listing here) but I think you get my point.

Now granted this also got me to seriously thinking about what have they done good?! And by good I mean for the country not themselves or their buddies...I keep drawing a complete blank...Can you tell me?! I posed the question to the young lady and I am still waiting for a response...

Oh yeah I forgot she can't "conversate" with me. I don't want to single her out because there are a lot of folks that think like this and have been brainwashed by the propaganda. they are in effect hypnotized and can't undo the programming. Now I didn't get angry but just a little disappointed, because so many of our young people are sooo confused and rightfully so but that is no excuse to stay that way, especially when there are people with lot's more expertise on the subject than someone that was born in the Regan era. The only thing they know is rethuglican rhetoric and they hold on tight to it. They think it is supposed to be a certain way despite all the evidence to the contrary. "Fact's be damned!" Kind of like Religious Cults...Remember...

Cults have the following characteristics:

1. Attachment to a teacher, book or belief system.
2. Regular displays of intolerance or arrogance towards others.
3. Humiliation of those who ask questions that could make the leader or the group feel insecure.
4. Feelings of superiority born from comparison with others.
5. An inability to support, endorse and appreciate the wisdom and compassion of others.
6. A wish to expand their religious empire.
7. Eviction of those who show doubt. (excerpt from Christopher Titmus "Light On Enlightenment" pg. 67)

Now I would break all them down and compare them to the GOP and the people that follow their madness, but gotta go and let you try to break it down yourselves. It's really not that hard at all! Unless you have been brainwashed by the BS (Belief Systems)!

What's Good?!?
The New Defenders of Reality~!

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