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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"This is Satire!"

I have been working since 9 am this morning trying to get my computer back up and at least to this point. Seems i had a complete system crash and the entire boot sector was erased. How that happened I cannot for the life of me figure out. Of course the paranoia has set in again and I got visions of spy vs spy and the ultimate Government conspiracy but it is probably due to the fact that I had very little swap file space and the crash and partition deletion was the result. i hd just started in on a blog post when the computer went down so of course I lost everything even the files from my latest video....DAM DAM DAM!

Anywho, I had this post all ready about what is and what isn't satire and of course autosave didn't catch it all before the crash and my memory just isn't what t used to be and of course there is that whole pesky work thing.

Anyway, in response to the New Yorker cover and now the Vanity Fair cover (posted further down) and the confuson as to what is or is not satire I present the work of Tom Tommorrow

This Modern World By Tom Tomorrow

This Modern World By Tom Tomorrow

That New Yorker cover was an attack not satire! Now Vanity Fair has released a cover...Didn't see it?!?


This one was better IMHO:


Now the problem with the new Yorker cover is that there is NO truth to it and part of good satire and comedy for that matter is it takes something that has a basis of truth and exaggerates it. Same with stereotypes. However, you would think that after all of the flap about Reverend Wright stupid people would not keep making the mistake that Barack is a Muslim. It should also be fairly obvious that McLame is old and his wife had problems with pills. See there is some truth to the Vanity Fair cover and that what makes it work for me. Now maybe if there was someone looking at the cover of the New Yorker saying I knew it or something like that then that might have been funny to me. I mean that was the claim they made that they were making fun of the people who believed the things they supposedly lampooned in the cover, but how was anyone to know that?


Now this is funny because...Figure it out. If I have to tell you why it's funny it kinda looses some of it's bite....lol!

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