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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Are You Guy's Serious...Really?!"

snagged this pic from The General

These guy's are just beyond belief! So get this...The GOP has been getting beaten all over the place here lately and they only thing they could think of doing to fix the problem is the do a little "base jumping"! Base jumping is an extreme "sport" where you jump off a mountain, building or other tall structure with a parachute on...ie DUMBSHIT! Well in politics "base jumping" refers to pandering to the most extreme views, prejudices and fears of the people that support you...Which in turn gets your political base "jumping".

I guess after these latest setbacks with the Supreme's allowing the Gitmo detainees habeus corpus, lifting the gun ban in DC and the big one, the gay marriage amendment in California, the GOP decided to fight back and bring back the federal marriage amendment. Now that isn't the sad part of this story but it is such a waste of time and effort when there are much more pressing matters facing our country. The truly sad part is the fact that the bill is co-sponsored by, of all people David "Diaper Rash" Vitter. You guy's remember the Vitter right?! The DC Madame scandal?! Quick refresh...Alternet:

This post, written by Howie Klien, originally appeared on Down With Tyranny!

This Vitter thing just doesn't want to go away. One of the Madams he was working with to procure women for him says he should be prosecuted (it is true that what he was doing actually is a crime) while another Madam says he "wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary" with her girls over the years (except that he was into a diaper fetish, just like Holy Joe).

The whole thing is certainly an embarrassment for the Louisiana Family Values Republican Party. Mike Cromartie a far right wing former chairman of the Commission on International Religious Freedom isn't taking this as lightly as Vitter's political cronies-- who all say, basically, "Well, if God has forgiven him, who am I to hold a grudge?" Cromartie's comment today was more in touch with a less forgiving branch of religionists: "It's the hypocrisy that people can't stand. It's not the fact that people are frail and given to sinful behavior. It's when they try to pretend to be morally upright and end up being self-righteous because they preach one thing and live another."

Preacher and GOP presidential contender Governor Mike Huckabee doesn't seem too proud to have Vitter's hypocrisy making a statement about GOP phony-baloneys either. "Many of us became a part of the Republican Party so that we could find a home for traditional beliefs regarding marriage and family and the sanctity of human life. If those things really don't exist in the party, then we have to ask, 'Why are we here?'" (I wonder that same sentiment huck) MORE!

You can tell that Lieberman has some type of baby fetish, just listen to him talk...Here's another kicker (Hollywood can't make this shit up!)...Another Senate sponsor of the bill is Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig! Incredible! Why are these people still carrying around the titles of Senator?! What does that say about our elected officials? Even deeper yet, what does that say about the rest of us for not demanding these hypocrites get their walking papers?!

snagged this pic from The General also

I mean this has got to be a joke right? Those two perverts are co-sponsoring a marriage bill?!

GOP Family Values My Ass!
The New Defenders Of The Solicited!

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RiPPa said...

Man those cats are a bunch of pussies. Larry Craig needs to shut the fuck up and stop trynna save face. He's a pole smoker and he knows it. He's only co-sponsoring this shit with that other pussy purchaser to save face.