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Friday, June 13, 2008

"10-acious_D Sells Out!"

After a lot of soul searching, praying, and generally selling out I decided to vote Rethuglican. After Barack ran such a negative, racist and misogynistic campaign it really pushed me over the edge. Even though John McCain lovingly refers to his wife as a c*nt, a sentiment all women just love to hear coming from the mouths of men that supposedly love them, Barack was just so mean and black for beating the white lady that was supposed to win that I have to vote rethuglican. Even the feminist for Hillary think the same way. As Jon Stewart said, "Wow! So McCain has the blind, spite vote locked up. Because of sexism, we’re going to go with the [beep] patriarch." I mean after the c-bomb, calling another mans wife "his baby momma" ain't that big of a deal. Michelle Obama said it herself when she was introducing him after he won his senate seat. Now whether it's true or not really doesn't matter because it is already out there! Come on people this is rethug 101 not brain surgery!

I am tired of all this liberal hysteria over little things like that! Check out the video that finally made it all so clear!

So I urge you all to watch the video and get with the Rethug program spread the word and VOTE!

The New Defenders Of Rethuglicanism!

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