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Monday, May 19, 2008

"Maniac Monday's - It COULD Happen!?"

**Spoiler Alert!**

If you plan on seeing this movie I will warn you in advance that this blog post contains spoilers big time! Even though they still are not going to prepare you for the ending it does give away some of the plot.

At first I thought this is going to be another corny "gorefest" with silly space aged insects flying around, and it was, but beneath the surface there was a message going on. Well at least I caught one, and it has to do with religious extremism and what happens when it is topped with fear!

There were quite a few scenes in this movie that shocked me, it was a shocker type movie and it did it's job with that but there were two scenes in particular that really disturbed me. These scenes had a lot to do with religious zealotry. We see how people can get all worked up in a religious frenzy and how it divides people and drives the religious people to do the most violent and murderous acts in the name of the lord. There is a quote that I like but I don't know who said it, "A good man will do good things while and evil man will do evil things but to make a good man do evil add religion.", that fit's perfectly into this blog post...

In the first scene it is revealed that a few soldiers from the nearby military base have hung themselves and the third soldier is then accused of bringing the wrath of god down upon the survivors at a grocery store. When clearly he was not one of the people that had anything to do with an experiment gone wrong. However, the religious nutjobs "sacrificed him" to "The Mist"! In the other scene the group of survivors have splintered off into groups the "christian-insane" and people trying to survive. Check it out:

I know it is a movie but it could happen. Remember when Katrina was over we had people claiming it was the will of god and all of the garbage. What would you have done? Joined the religious folks and starting sacrificing people or tried to keep a rational mind and found a way out of the situation? Granted the situation didn't look good at all, but would you have believed it was the will of god that things like natural disasters and environmental accidents are the will of god?! Me personally I would have shot her before she threw the other soldier into "The Mist".

Let's apply that little movie clip to recent events. What event's you ask...you didn't ask? Well imma tell ya anyway...Seems Ex Governor & Fake Reverend Mike Huckabuck thinks it is funny to make jokes about assassinating presidential candidates and of course that hilarious ditty "Bomb Bomb Iran" by John McLame. From Crooks & Liars:

Mike Huckabee thought McCain’s ‘bomb, bomb, bomb Iran’ song was funny.

Tim Russert asked Huckabee about the very dangerous joke he he told about Barack Obama at the NRA dinner in Kentucky. The one where Obama gets assassinated.

“That was Barack Obama, he just tripped off a chair, he’s getting ready to speak,” said the former Arkansas governor, to audience laughter. “Somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor.”

He responds by bringing up Bobby Knight—saying he’ll say stupid things again and he thought John McCain’s “bomb, bomb Iran song parody was a hoot.

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Huckabee: There was a Bobby Knight incident going on back stage with a chair that fell and made a terrible noise, distracted the crowd.

I apologized for it immediately. I would never ever try to inject something like that to create an endangered moment for any candidate. I don’t care who it is. And ah…you know, it wasn’t the first dumb thing I’ve ever said and let me go and announce it on this program, it won’t be the last dumb thing I’ve ever said. We all in politics do, Ronald Reagan had an open mic and said “I’m gonna launch a nuclear attack against Russia.” I remember John McCain sing “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.” I thought that was funny, but I mean a lot of people didn’t.

Didn’t Bobby Knight get fired from Indiana for his horrible behavior? I think that’s a bad starting off point, Hucky, comparing yourself to Bobby Knight, who choked a student too. Maybe you should be fired off NBC and start over on Glenn Beck’s show—you know, something well-regarded. Then he says that McCain singing “bomb, bomb Iran” was funny. Sure, McBush singing that he wants to bomb a country that has already been targeted with sour rhetoric like Bush and Cheney do despite little to no evidence of what they’re being accused is something we should all laugh at. I’m sure the leaders of Iran thought it was well done too.

I guess your wondering how I can equate the two?! Well if you remember earlier I said he was a Reverend and however unfortunate these people get followings, and one of those follower's might get it in his/her head that their minister wasn't making a joke but doing the lord's work and help make his/her Rev's prophecies come true. Just imagine if a democrat had made that same joke...

Let's take it one step beyond...Suppose someone set's up a scenario? Like vaporizing two big ass buildings, blaming it on airplanes, just to get us to go along with endless war all over the world?

Oh Shit That DID Happen!
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