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Monday, December 10, 2007

"Maniac Monday's - The Enemy Mind!"

I know I haven't been the "political predator" in a while because me like everyone else got caught up in moving to multiply and being mad that 360 was changing when it is not about the vehicle but the message. yahoo like multiply or any of the other sites like it are just vehicles to get your message heard. I remember putting a message in my blast that I was going to stay on 360 until they kicked me off and that is what I am going to do. I have buckled to the pressure and got a multiply page, but my thoughts were that folks wasn't reading my shit on 360 so if the same folks are on multiply they ain't gonna read my shit there either so why bother, but I can use multiply as a back-up and that is what it is. I like a lot of the shit on multiply but that same shit can be accomplished on 360 in it's current form without all the changes like mash et al.

However, I got to thinking deeper, why would yahoo just want to dump it's subscribers to another social networking site just out of the blue when it has worked hard to get to this point? Why all of a sudden did EVERYONE jump up and abandon 360 so quickly? You know I noticed a couple of other things also started to happen and that was yahoo started getting a lot of neo-nutzi racist's real quick like, popping up all over the place, saying stupid shit! That got me to thinking deeper still, "is yahoo just trying to lose a certain segment of it's subscribers "? You know kind of like that situation in NOLA, without the messy hurricane, they used a propaganda storm instead. Hey I'm human and I get caught up in the emotions of it all sometimes but the test is how quickly you recover. I stopped bloggin' and everything, took me a minute but like the good sheeple they want me to be I went along to the slaughterhouse bleating contentedly. What was happening on 360 was WE were getting OUR message out and PEOPLE were starting to WAKE UP! You know the man, the machine can't have us thinking together or working together we might get a clue.

Bruised Booty sent me a link to a political post by one of her friends and I read it and couple of the comments and like I stated over there I am absolutely amazed that we still debating whether or not bush is a lying sack of hot shit. What part of culture of corruption don't you understand? What part of l-i-e-s are you confused about? How many signs does the creator have to send you before you wake up and realize that you are the power not the other way around? I mean let's get real, the men that actually run our country and world are the ones that hate our freedoms and want to impose their will upon the rest of us and have! I can remember when we listened to the men with bright ideas to make our country greater and an example of how democracy is supposed to work, how diplomacy and honesty and integrity and a true love for the country was the norm. Now it is whoever can save us no matter if they are the same ones also terrorizing us. It's all Jack Bauer and torture and who can come up with the most insane plot lines to save the people...It is psychological warfare on a massive scale and we are losing miserably against a small percentage of very greedy, hateful evil men.

A few months ago I blogged about Maslow's Theory of Self Actualization and not to re-write that post I will give you the shortened version
Maslow identified four basic or innate needs and they are: physiological, safety/security, love/belongingness, and self-esteem...These needs have to be met if they are not met, physiological needs can control thoughts and behaviors, and can cause people to feel sickness, pain, and discomfort. The lower the need is in the pyramid the more vital it is (see illustration & full post HERE!)...


For the purpose of this blog post we are going to concentrate on the second and third levels of the pyramid. There are lots of people that meet the basic needs in the lowest level of the pyramid, the majority of hard working, honest people around the world meet their physiological needs, as well as millions more that cannot because someone else is imposing their will upon them. It is a condition that doesn't have to be that way but that is another post entirely. However, they do work hand in hand. If the population is caught up in a struggle to meet the lower levels there is no evolution or growth of the individual. But for the sake of this argument let's just look at those that have moved on to the next level. These levels of achievement or self actualizing are also under attack by those that want to keep us down everyday. In another comment Rippa made this brilliant observation about how bush and the BCS have been operating a campaign of fear on us, and how that fear has been blown it out of proportions and made us an irrational, reactionary culture of scared little sheeple. I thought for a second maybe folks are reading my shit?! Then I thought Nah! It is just the logical conclusions that a person has to make after he has applied some critical thought to the situation. The powers that be know these things too and have applied Maslow and Freud's teachings and are using them against us. They figure if you can make it out of the lowest level they will keep you stuck in the safety & security level by constantly attacking your sense of safety with irrational fear of the all powerful terrorist...Al Qaeda (the toilet). With the security alerts, threat levels, fake terror plots, manufactured terror plots (think 911 and the tube bombings in britain), thought crimes, and the real threat that anyone deemed a terrorists by our nutjob president can be detained and tortured without recourse and the realization that it isn't just for the terrorist's anymore but the American sheeple as well, are definite attacks on We The People's sense of security thus inhibiting our growth yet again.

Yet some of us realize it's just a ride and hold on tighter, resolve to strive for love and not live in fear and we man up and realize that there is some scary shit out there in the world but there is no need to be afraid and we seek out other people that feel the same way we do and that is the next level of the pyramid.

As a side note, most folks confuse the need for love and belonging with the physiological need for sex. They are not the same thing and love is not exclusive to sex, just like religion is not God and God is not some mass shared delusion. We can do without sex but we are either out of tune and we over/under compensate in other areas of our lives. Just like if the other needs in the lowest level are not properly met such as eating and having a place to live, other areas of your life will be out of balance. But getting back on topic, the need to feel and give love is very important to the human animal. The need to belong to a certain group or clique, religion or political party is an innate need in us, just as the need to feel secure. We bond with people like us, that feel the same ways about stuff and have had the same life experiences. Except when it comes to black people and white god, but let's hold off on that for a sec...That need to belong, to identify has been hijacked by religion which is ultimately politics and division.

Notice that the higher we get on the pyramid the more elaborate the schemes are to keep us from rising further. Religion has been one of the greatest tools ever in keeping people dumbed down and totally reliant on the authority as the truth and not the truth as the authority...

Religion has been called the opiate of the masses and it is much worse than that. There is no weapon, magic spell, or drug more powerful or deadly than than religion. At least when I was hallucinating on mushrooms I knew that I was hallucinating. Lots of folks that have never used drugs in their lives are claiming the most outrageous plagiarized stories and all the hatred, misogyny and murder in the bible is true. See how all of it works out?! I have been high before, I will admit that, high as giraffes ass, but never once have I tripped enough to decide strapping a bomb on my back was a good thing! That my god condones murder and hatred over sex and love. I want to belong as part of the human race but my skin color, class, beliefs, not too mention and more importantly the stifling of progress by those who's best interest are to keep me down and subservient to them in some capacity. Again follow along, if needs are not met then growth and evolution cannot occur, just like a plant needs certain conditions to thrive so does the human animal. If growth and evolution do not occur then the animal whithers and dies!

We have to understand that our minds are not our friends and when our minds are being attacked it shuts down. The minds only concern is saving itself and it will do so at the expense of your life. The mind also has tricks and tools to cope and cognitive dissonance is one of the many ways it accomplishes this. Cognitive dissonance states that two opposing points of view on a particular subject cannot occupy the same mind at the same time, which in turns causes any new information that may correct an old assertion to be rejected, because it causes dissonance within the individual. In order to ease the dissonance or conflicting emotions people suffering through CD cling tighter to the illusions even in the face of the most compelling evidence. Religion is the all time leader in causing CD! The author of the post that caused me to write this post Reggie said, that bush sprinkles some sugar on this latest lie and that is supposed to make it alright, I won't take full credit but I did add a little to it and said that he has sprinkled sugar on his shit for the last couple of years and we act like we forget the fact that it's still shit to begin with. Just like with religion it is with bush and the BCS and bullshit in general, trying to rationalize and make it anything other than it is, is a waste of time and energy and borders on the profoundly stupid.

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