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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Reactionary VS Revolutionary!"

First things first and that is setting a baseline so that we are all on the same page...These are the definitions that I am working off of in bold...

Main Entry: 1rev·o·lu·tion·ary
Pronunciation: -sh&-"ner-E
Function: adjective
1 a : of, relating to, or constituting a revolution <revolutionary
war> b : tending to or promoting revolution revolutionary party> c : constituting or bringing about a major or fundamental change <revolutionary styling> revolutionary new product>

Main Entry: re·ac·tion·ary
Pronunciation: rE-'ak-sh&-"ner-E
Function: adjective
: relating to, marked by, or favoring
reaction; especially : ultraconservative in politics
- reactionary noun
- re·ac·tion·ary·ism /-"i-z&m/ noun

Main Entry: re·ac·tion
Pronunciation: rE-'ak-sh&n
Function: noun
1 a : the act or process or an instance of reacting b : resistance or opposition to a force, influence, or movement; especially : tendency toward a former and usually outmoded political or social order or policy
2 : a response to some treatment, situation, or stimulus reaction to the news>; also : such a response expressed verbally reaction to the play>

I guess I should bring up proactive also, because this is part of this , but I think most of us understand what being proactive means...Not so much with the other two...

Thoughts are just words not said, and vice versa words spoken are thoughts verbalized...In the same vein words spoken are nothing without any action behind them! It is action that make plans work...No amount of thought is going to get anything actually done! At this stage in our mental development that is...What most of us fail to understand is that we are reactionaries! We wait until something has already happened an then react to this happening...I try to give you guy's a heads up...Try to explain how cognitive dissonance would make a person believe that glass, steel and concrete burns when we know for a fact they don't!

Children now are not taught to think! They are filled up with answers and responses to certain questions/stimulus...They are tested to see if the programming took (remembered) and then moved on to the next grade...During the summer they forget what was programmed at that level so that "teachers" have a clean slate to start the process all over again...There are no word problems in schools now, no phonics, it's all triggers and reaction...Most of us do not realize we are reactionary...We think that protesting this and yelling "down with the system" is revolutionary...Nope, that is just as reactionary as going somewhere to stop the klan from marching...Let em march, all they want is the attention anyway, so we go out and give it to them which legitimatizes them...We go about our business, look and shake our heads like we do at them folks with bullhorns eventually they will go away...Let's talk about the latest bogey man al Queda (sp)...Has anyone actually really seen an al Queda? Have the actually captured an al Queda? I heard about them capturing some folks with "ties to al Queda"...However we still react with fear and anger, because it was "programmed" into us...

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."
—Confronted by political opposition, Bush explains his strategy on promoting Social Security reform. (Washington Post, "The Ostrich Approach," Dan Froomkin, May 25, 2005)

So he has seen how well it works with the children, and they think of us as children anyway why not try it on the rest of the population...Fox News is not about getting you the story as much as it is about promoting a line of propaganda...They admit it, yet we still have folks believing they are some kind of beacon of fairness...We react! We need to be proactive and stop watching it altogether and it will go away...However, that is the nature of the world today...

A revolutionary wants to change that way, that nature...Now in this respects because it is a false nature it can be changed! People hate change and therefore a Real revolutionary's life is a short one...We see that all throughout history...Anyone promoting real change is marginalized, criticized, called crazy or insane, cut-off from the rest of the people that may feel the same way with lies, and character assassinations, or in the case of so many just assassinated...The worst of it perpetuated by our own...Those who have stake in "the way things are", benefiting from holding you down and back! We see it all of the time...The preacher has a multi-million dollar house and drives a Bentley that the church members brought for the church, while most of his church members live in abject poverty...Or struggling to keep up the facade that church and religion has become...This is not about religion but religion is the basis of most of our primary and basic beliefs, drilled into us in some cases, in others we just go along to get along...You know, I did it because my mother made me, she did it because her mother made her and so on and so on!

A revolutionary knows that he knows nothing and that everything is a new experience to him and he has to use the knowledge of today to fight problems of today...We need to know our history not live by it! Ancient civilizations didn't fall because they were evil, however the social infrastructure is generally in disarray, they fall because the social structure did not evolve with the times...Evil already existed! We know that horrible evil exists in this world and has always existed as well as good...A revolutionary tries to harness the power of good not for himself but for all of mankind...

A revolutionary is not angry but passionate, he does not react to triggers...A noose or a white sheet are just triggers nowadays to get people to react a certain way...You know a revolutionary by his actions as well as his words, because they are one and the same, they warn about coming events not try to explain them after they happen...A revolutionary also knows that him and his words will be rejected...He knows that he doesn't conform with a certain group or religious sect and that the "herd mind" cannot understand this...He knows he stands alone most times, therefore the revolutionary becomes the reactionary...

A True Revolutionary knows that his words will not be headed until after his is dead and gone...That is why there are so few of them...

Revolutionary or Reactionary?
The New Defenders of Reality!

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