"If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?" — Chuck Palahniuk

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"deaf dumb & mind!"

deaf dumb & mind
there is a new danger like the kind you never seen before, that shit in iraqnam is just practice for the real war, wait until they knock on your door, oops i forgot they don't even have to knock anymore...they just have to say your conspiring with the enemy and the enemy is anyone who happens to disagree, with the ministry of homeland security...the mind control is out of control they not only control your minds but your hearts and souls and the programmed myopia won't let you see the parts as a whole, tunnel vision, has us as blind as a mole or bats, yeah that's it, cause we sleeping in broad daylight while they get away with all kinds of shit...

3 buildings just crumble to the ground demolition style and in freefall, now that was the true definition of shock and awe...the patriot act, unpatriotic piece of crap, was already written and waiting for the fear to set in, then the true reign of terror began, perpetual war my friends the worlds bankers win again, were all working for them, nothing more than a slave again...war never decided who was right or wrong just who is left once the smoke is gone...those rich men never fight the wars they start, they get you to do that part, god bless your faithful heart...got you waving the flag of hypocrisy, talking about how bombs bring democracy...but this time the plantation is in your mind, it all starts with no child left behind, and they are making sure no child gets left behind, in the wake of all this religious insanity, that all started with christianity that has continued to hold back humanity...

ahhh but there i go rambling again talking about i can reason a god for i am him...see they made god in our image or was that he made us in his? then they tell us to get to heaven we have to go through his kid...but heaven and hell are states of mind, because heaven really isn't that hard to find...just a little right of center holding the hard line, telling us to believe in them and not our own mind, we close our eyes and then claim were blind...the truth has been right in front of us since the beginning of time, and we religiously charge the authority with the truth, instead of demanding from them the undeniable burden of proof, because faith is what's left after reason and common sense are gone so we put all our faith in the god with the biggest bombs and the killing goes on but a gay marriage is wrong, and living your life as you are is frowned upon...welcome to the new world order my friends where your life was never yours and never will be again...

copywrited: 10/07 ho'made productions,
a division of flow dusty go!

never more
the new defenders of that freedom flow

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