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Thursday, June 28, 2007

"The Supremes Greatest Hits - 2K7 Style!"

I knew something was up when all of a sudden Ann "The Man" Coulter is on TV calling for John Edwards to get “killed in a terrorist assassination plot.” She is jealous that Edwards is cuter than her...I also saw Tweety's sad excuse for what a piece of crap journalist he has become with his crappy show "'Tardball In the Plaza"...He had Ann on for a full hour spewing the most idiotic pre-bunked and debunked talking points there are still left like making the connection that Hussein had something to do with 911 and the silly ass claims that weapons of mass destruction were found! "BITCH! Maybe if you would eat something you wouldn't say such stupid shit!" Then again I doubt it...As far as Tweety giving her a platform to spew that garbage from, "You sir are a ratings whore!" His excuse for having that hateful vile Gollum looking creature on his show..."She sells books!" Not as many as one may think though! A lot of the sponsors, conservative think tanks (NOT) and corporations buy books in bulk and that is what boost's her book sales and make it seem she sells more books than she actually does...I could probably get a copy of her book for little of nothing...Somewhere they were giving her book away with a website subscription for $4.99 or something like that...So don't buy into all of that "She sells books" bullshit they are peddling...You can see on Amazon or one of those online booksellers the amount of books that were brought in bulk...However, the fact that she sells any books at all is not a testimonial to her more so than the people buying the book and then buying into the dribble that is inside that book...Stupid high school sophomoric kids stuff...Talking about how fat someone is or who they wished would get killed is so 3rd grade...Sorry sophomores! She is the spokes person for the GOP and whenever she starts her verbal diarrhea something serious is going on within the country and now we see what's going on! She is Paris Hilton without half the sex appeal and all the vapidness and stupidity...However, she is just a smokescreen like Hilton was like any other blond girl story is to take our minds off of the slow but steady erosion of our civil liberties!


It's time for the Supremes to strike again! Nope, not the singing Supremes, but the same Supremes that appointed King George to the POTUS...The same court Boy George has packed with the likes of Sc-Alito and Roberts not too mention all the lower courts and most of the DOJ with the Attorney-Gate Scandal...From Yahoo News...

Court limits schools on race, stops execution

Thu Jun 28, 4:42 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected school assignment plans that take account of students' race in two major public school districts. The decisions could imperil similar plans nationwide. The Court also blocked the execution of a Texas killer whose lawyers argued that he should not be put to death because he is mentally ill.

Today is probably the Court's last session until October.

The school rulings in cases affecting schools in Louisville, Ky., and Seattle leave public school systems with a limited arsenal to maintain racial diversity.

The court split, 5-4, with Chief Justice John Roberts announcing the court's judgment. Justice Stephen Breyer wrote a dissent that was joined by the court's other three liberals.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote a concurring opinion in which he said race may be a component of school district plans designed to achieve diversity.

He agreed with Roberts that the plans in Louisville and Seattle went too far. He said, however, that to the extent that Roberts' opinion could be interpreted as foreclosing the use of race in any circumstance, "I disagree with that reasoning."

The two school systems in Thursday's decisions employ slightly different methods of taking students' race into account when determining which school they would attend. MORE!

The image “http://d.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/ap/20070623/capt.21db4ef4dfde4f46995edd315ea3f5f7.scotus_final_days_wx103.jpg?x=380&y=223&sig=5t.VyV2N35TIc3HuYHCFkw--” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

A demonstrator holds up a sign in front of the Supreme Court in Washington as the court heard arguments on lawsuits by parents in Louisville and Seattle who are challenging policies that use race to help determine where children go to school in the Dec. 4, 2006 file photo. Nearly seven months have gone by since the Supreme Court heard arguments about public school integration plans. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari, File)

I had to add this from Crooks & Liars:

alito-cnn-copy.jpg CNN’s analyst Jeffrey Toobin described today’s decision by the Supreme Court shortly after it was handed down. He also described the deep divide that has erupted between the judges and Justice Breyer was not holding back. I’m posting the full video clip for complete context.

video_wmv Download (1325) video_mov Download

Breyer: You’ve got to be kidding me….Never in the history of the court have so few—done so much—so quickly.

Toobin said Justice Breyer was talking about Chief Justice Roberts and Alito…who were not too happy about Breyer’s opinion. MORE!

They also had a compilation of the Supremes other hit's they have churned out so far this year...

I don't know...Maybe these other parents are afraid the black kids will out do them...I mean we as black people have to perform twice as hard anyway...Maybe they are getting this in place just in case Shrub gets his immigration bill passed?

"Coon-fused" and misguided Justice Thomas (Clarence Thomas...Clarence Thomas...Clarence Thomas) had this lil' nugget of wisdom to impart from Daily Kos:

Justice Thomas explains that schools in which blacks are racially isolated might actually be a good thing for such students, and gets snippy with the Court's liberals: "Regardless of what Justice Breyer's goals might be, this Court does not sit to 'create a society that includes all Americans' or to solve the problems of 'troubled inner city schooling'. We are not social engineers. The United States Constitution dictates that local governments cannot make decisions on the basis of race. Consequently, regardless of the perceived negative effects of racial imbalance, I will not defer to legislative majorities where the Constitution forbids it.... Justice Breyer's good intentions, which I do not doubt, have the shelf life of Justice Breyer's tenure. Unlike the dissenters, I am unwilling to delegate my constitutional responsibilities to local school boards and allow them to experiment with race-based decision making on the assumption that their intentions will forever remain as good as Justice Breyer's." MORE! My Emphasis (Good Read!)

That is the whole of the problem and the reason for affirmative action because people cannot and will not play fair and their intentions always have to be scrutinized...We have seen the the results of their intentions over and over and they are not good and will not be if there is no oversight!

I guess Ward Connerly is somewhere cheering this latest setback for Affirmative Action, black folks and humanity in general...No diversity means one view and that is what we have now and it's getting really really narrow...We have the conservative media, judges, courts, federal lawyers, a power grabbing executive, Cheney's recent bullshit and his revelation that he is not exactly of executive branch of the government as much as the Legislative, so as to not be subjected to rules of keeping and disclosing information on his "vice presidential duties" except in matters where he needs protection like the Secret Energy Task Force Meetings with Big Oil or how HE got a man HE shot in the face to apologize to HIM! The Dark Side Of the Force is still indeed strong! With the likes of these guy's Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas & Alito on the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) and the rest of the BCS we are in trouble for a long time in what once was America!

My Country Tis Of Thee, No Longer The Land It Used To Be!

How Much More?
The New Defenders Of Freedom!

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