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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Shade Of Katrina..."

While this tragedy was not as massive as Katrina, it is still nonetheless a tragedy especially for those involved and it is also another glaring indictment to the heartlessness and overall disregard for the American People that this mis administration has shown repeatedly...We The People...That this administration uses as IED fodder in Iraqnam, who abandons and displaces MILLIONS of people world-wide, not to mention A Historic American City, regardless of who lived there...Blamed the victims...However, before I get sidelined with Katrina Flashbacks let me calm down and remind myself it's all just an illusion...

*Clicking Heels* 1...2...3...Okay...Back to Kansas...We have friends in Kansas...3D&B and she wrote an excellent piece on this Kansas thing...So I get up this morning...Well mid-morning...Go over to Crooks and I see this...

kansas-katrina.jpg This is absolutely ridiculous. It's always the victim's fault. Why can't these people ever just admit they're incompetent and can't run a government? (Rhetorical question.)

AP via HuffPo:

The White House fought back Tuesday against criticism from Kansas' governor that National Guard deployments to Iraq are slowing the response to last week's devastating tornado.

White House press secretary Tony Snow said the fault was Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius'.

In a spat reminiscent of White House finger-pointing at Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco after the federal government's botched response to Hurricane Katrina, Snow rapped Sebelius for not following procedure to find gaps and then asking the federal government to fill them.

"If you don't request it, you're not going to get it," he said.

One slight problem: Governor Sebelius did request it. In fact, she took her concerns to Bush personally in 2006:

Sebelius, a Democrat, has written the Pentagon twice and spoke about the issue at great length with Bush in January 2006 when they rode together from Topeka to a lecture in Manhattan.

"He assured me that he had additional equipment in his budget a year ago. What the Defense Department said then and continues to say is that states will get about 90 percent of what they had," Sebelius said. "Meanwhile, it doesn't get any better. I'm at a loss."

So apparently it doesn't matter if you "request it"; you're still not getting it. What's more, ThinkProgress notes three other times Governor Sebelius lobbied the Pentagon to replace missing equipment.

The governor is not to blame here. She didn't start the war, and she didn't decide to send to send the National Guard equipment to Iraq. And despite her constant efforts to get that equipment back in order to deal with disasters like last weekend's tornado, it's still her fault. Have they no shame? (Another rhetorical question.)

How much is enough? It's not their fault it's OURS for letting this continue...Let's just say...Mexico has had enough and they decide to attack America...Similar to a storm hitting, like say in Kansas...The National Guard gets ready to go down and stop the takeover...DOH! They can't stop nothing because they have to wait weeks for their equipment to be deployed back to the US from Iraqnam...Sound familiar...Think KANSAS!!

How much more are WE the People willing to pay in lives, the economy...The economy in this country is about to really implode...The rich are the only ones making money...The housing market is about to go bust...In another year they brush off the dirt and stank of years of lying, cheating, destroying this country and walk away...Free to write books about how they played the biggest global mind fuck in history of the world on the world!

You want an example of true freedom...Look at how Bush Cheney et al operate...They do and say as they wish without ANY consequences at all...

The Republic Is Dead Y'all...

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