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Thursday, November 16, 2006

OJ Simpson: Natural Born Killer?

Okay...There are a lot of 360 blogs that have touched upon this so I am not going to re-write the net on this one but there are a couple of things bothering me about OJ's recent 15 minutes of infamy...Besides the fact that he is trying to cash in on the tragedy of what happened with his soon to be published book, which I won't buy but might read just outta some morbid curiosity, but just the whole circumstances surrounding the murders...I have been going around this morning leaving little quick comments on friends pages:

"If one man kills two people with one knife and no-one hears a sound is OJ guilty? I'm just asking?!"

Okay unless OJ was a ninja with a sword and we didn't know then maybe he killed two people in one night with the same SWORD...To my knowledge OJ hasn't had ninja training...So my question is how do you kill two people with the SAME knife in the same night without ANYONE hearing anything? I have always held the belief that OJ knows exactly who did it or he had some help doing it...Who in their right mind is going to stand there in silence while someone is beheading their lover and not say a word or run or something...?! I am sorry but I cannot see one man killing two people with the same knife at the same time and no ones hears anything...Just doesn't add up...TO ME!

Now a couple of folks have tried to explain it and the closes explanation that I have seen so far has to go to Dre and Ice Cube in their "Natural Born Killers" video...Dre and Cub were magic together until Easy sold them all out, but that is another blog altogether...The video itself has come with a lot of controversy in it's own right because maybe it hit a nerve...I will let you decide...The sequence I am talking about starts around the 4:20 min mark in the video...Hmmmmm, the 4:20 mark of the video...Wasn't a lot of drugs involved in this case? Check it out!

*WARNING: The video is uncensored and it portrays graphic hollywood style violence!*

Dr Dre & Ice Cube - Natural Born Killaz

The beats and the whole video is tight as far as entertainment goes and it's always a pleasure seeing John Amos in anything so that was a cool touch but to me this video explains that whole two people one knife thing...I'm just sayin'!

[Ice Cube]

I dont understand the logic in my dreams
But I understand I like the sound of Sireens
Terrified screams from the streams
Of Strycnine

Dumpin on any motherf*cker tryin to trick mine
Cause motherf*ckers wanna violate
Now they stiff and cold
And they pupils won't dialate

I can hear his bones break
He steps in the single door
Gets his ass whipped with 20 lashes

Like that dude up in Singapore
So I'm a pull a f*ckin Jeffrey Dahmer
Now I'm suicidal, just like Nirvana

That says it all to me...I could break it all down but wheres the fun in that...Then you guy's won't have nothing to think about...HA!

Peace,Love & Ninja Knives
The New Defenders of Freedom

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