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Monday, November 20, 2006

The NFL Week 11 - Post Game Show w/Pics


Ha! Haaaaaa! You like that? Probably not if your a 'cowgurls' fan! <*shaking my can*> How you bamma's gonna mess up Peyton and 'Nems perfect season?! 6-4 is just average and you lost to the 'Skins...The Real Deal is the AFC North 8-2 Ravens! Act like you know! Steeler's fans 'bout to find out! What?!...LOL!

I still lost way too many games yesterday! 8 for 16, right above .500, 3rd in my own group 13th in my 'notha group it's just sad! But the Nutz Man gonna get some winner's this Thursday Turkey Day! Okay let's get this agony over with!

I called this one! The Rams are broken somewhere?

Brady Is BACK! 244 yards 4 TD's! No Brainer there!

Vick held on to the ball...He got some big yards on the day! I expected that...I also expected that the Defense would do the job and put the Smack Down without Ray! McNair looks like he wants that ring! And I will give credit to the o line and Jamal Lewis for a job well done...

"The Raiders...What can I say...?" I didn't take them thank goodness! Something told me at the last minute to "STOP PLAYING!" LOL! Ummmm, The Chiefs were not that spectacular by the score but Trent did okay especially in that last drive where he had too!

Carr and crew just can't seem to put that perfect game together yet! The defense is porous and I knew that and picked them anyway...Shame on me!

How bout Dem Fins?! They ona roll...With a side of Fries!

The Bengals D must have heard me talking about them because they definitely stepped up to the plate and we saw the full potential of that Bengals squad...Ravens gotta play them again Sunday night two weeks from now...They are the only team that could beat the Ravens...I doubt it cause we beat them bammas once but this crazy season anything can happen!

DA BEARS! All youo bear haters out there even you Stephen knock it off! If Grossman get's consistent down the stretch and the D can stay healthy might be an interesting play-off race!

Hmmmm, This should end Eagles play-off aspirations! They got whupped up on by the Titans and lost McNabb for the rest of the season...McNabb goes down so don't the Eagles! The Titans are going to be a force to reckon with next season and will probably play spoiler here on out!

Steeler fans were really sweating this one and for a minute it looked like they were going to drop this game to the Brownies! The Champs have to come into Baltimore next weekend where No one get's out alive!

This was the first game of the season I didn't watch the 'Skins...I actually fell asleep! I heard Campbell did alright...Wasn't good enough because they still lost!

The Cards still suck, it is now obvious the Lions Suck Harder!

I got caught up in that Seahawk Hype! I knew the 49's were going to beat them I changed my pick at the last minute!

I was asleep when this was going on yesterday and I awoke to see Peyton with a chance that he blew! Not to mention the Colts defense couldn't make just one more stop when they needed to...Peyton has got to learn to work the clock better in those tough games of "Grind It Out"! The Defense gets tired from beiong on the field so much! Still hating on the cowgurls! Nothings changed!

**Sunday Night Football**

35 - 27

What ever you wanna call him LaDainian Tomlinson ain't no joke! He is going to smash the record books! The Broncos defense were holding him down for a hot minute but the Bolts got that big offensive line firing and they just ground the Broncos down into dog food! Yo know that is where it comes from right? LOL!

***Monday Night Football***

Just like I been saying all year the Gnats are nothing but media hype sort of like the GOP is and has been the past few years...Eli Manning is average at Best and if it wasn't for the defense and "I Will Not Call Him Tiki" Barber this story would have been over much sooner...The really sad part about them losing and looking so bad, is it makes it that much easier for Tuna and the cowgirls to win the division...Can you imagine the cowgirlie's winning that division with like a 9-7 record...SMH!

Peace & Love
The New Defenders of Freedom!

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