"If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?" — Chuck Palahniuk

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

“The Long Hard Night”

I used to let the mic smoke...Fill it with weed and then take a toke...
Now I put it in a blunt rhyme, flipping phrases, expanding the mind
And Time after Time like that Cyndi Lauper song, I am here to
spread light expose the wrong

Because no one gets out of this life
alive and you got to do
what you got to do to survive
but let's not get sh*t twisted,
doing evil to another will get you blacklisted,
not too mention 2 shots to the dome
Come correct or take that dead ass home...

Within the framework of the words
the lessons are fire
they call out to ignite passions and
rekindle desires
Like Sly Stone, "I want to take you HIIIIGHER!"
But you would rather pimp your soul,
waiting on the world to expire

And these are not your normal metaphors,
poetic dissertations or hymnal scores
But True Knowledge of Self and
the beliefs that make up my very core and
I will keep saying these things until I am no more

I Cry Freedom!
Because WE have never been free,
and until you awaken and
open your eyes you will never see,
the truth of these matters and
how the powers that be have
made reactionary slaves of you and me

Dumb-ing down the lessons our
kids learn in school,
open their mouths and sound like fools,
just a bunch of government tools and
you just don't know and you think it's cool

And I am sick and tired of the minstrel show and all you other folks that think it isn’t so, to my surprise your numbers continue to grow
and where it stops only God Knows

Because everything is NOT going to be alright, and it's going to be a long hard fight, And I got to say and do what I feel is right,
even if it takes all night…Even if it takes my life...

It's going to be a long hard night

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Peace, Love & Deeper Understanding
The New Defenders Of Freedom


Schakoholic said...


Great Poem!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous BlogSpot....love the way you flow baby...(~.~)